Monday, October 26, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 65

Today was very noisy because of vacuum digging in front of the Whitney statue.

The family of Brian Coldin, from Muskoka, was there: all three generations. The grandmother was holding the signs up from behind (she is not in the picture). She is a very lovely lady. Maybe we will hear about Brian's story in the news one day. They have quite a tale to tell.

Some CBC people from the new show CONNECT with Mark Kelley came to my house to film, earlier than originally planned. They collided with another documentary maker that I had arranged an appointment with earlier. I was hoping that both shootings could be done, since there is not much to film really--a middle aged woman with a homemade sign over her head is not that interesting--but it did not work out. I hope we will be able to do the other documentary another day.

The CBC people, Connie and Leonardo, followed me home. They said that the 5 minutes clip will broadcast on Tuesday, or Wednesday. Sebastian had a couple of meltdowns when they were at home and in the car. It was not pretty. He had a couple of tantrums after they left as well. I am very tired.

I am also bit nervous about how it will all came out.

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