Monday, September 7, 2009

Sauerkraut making Monday

We stayed at home, did some cooking, laundry, and sauerkraut making. I am not finished yet. It is good that I can do it outside, and that way avoid making a big mess in the kitchen. But when I was outside I had a feeling to check on Sebastian, and I found him in the kitchen with a pot with leftover soup from a previous meal and a spoon he found on the counter. He rested the pot on the rocking chair and was helping himself to it. There was not much soup in the pot, but he did not spill any, and I was really proud of him. He problem-solved. My boy!

We has been on the GAPS diet for last three months, and its paying off big time. He is gaining weight. He has fat between his skin and ribs for the first time in his life. His belly is smaller and soft. His stool is no longer an undigested frothy, stinky mess, but now formed and brown in colour. His moods are calmer, he sleeps through the night more often, and his eczema shows up much less and is lighter. But I have to do weird things like bone broths, sauerkraut, and homemade yogurts. I did not master the yogurt making yet, but I am on my way, and I think it is worth the effort.

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