Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 54

Today as I was coming down through Queen's Park park I encountered the unveiling the tree plaque ceremony. What a great idea I thought. As I was walking down the path I was reading with interest freshly installed plaques with information about name of the tree species and their origin. Ironically, in front of the Queen's Park building one of the biggest trees, for me it looks the bigest, lost its branch today in the wind at 7 in the morning the worker told us. So they taking it down. Very quickly. Before any tree hugger comes to protest and save the old injured giant.

Before the tree started going down World Milk Day was celebrated on the front lawn with style. There was white tent, and two plastic "milkable" milk cows, and kids in black and white cow tee-shirts. Officials and free chocolate milk for participants. There were many TV crews. Ed, the injured worker who has gotten his protesting permit, and I were asked to go the the other side of the and stay away from their milky celebration. We obediently followed the instructions of course.

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