Thursday, September 17, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 46

If all days were like Thursday, the protesting would be a breeze.

In the morning, people came to advocate for getting more treatment for Lyme's disease. I talked to them and there are many similarities between how Lyme's disease and autism are trea!ted by mainsteam medicine. After Sebastian was diagnosed I had to do my own research and then twist my family doctor's hand to do heavy metal levels tests. The tests made in Canadian labs did not show higher levels of heavy metals. I had to search out the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor that sent the urine samples to the Doctors Data lab in the US. I had to pay for that test, but it was not very expensive -- about $60 or $70 with the shipping and collection kit included--and it showed that Sebastian's lead levels were almost off the chart, at 85 compared to the safe level of 5! Lead levels of 10 decreases IQ by 10 or 15 points (I do not remember exactly, so forgive me, number, and sources sticklers). So, the Canadian labs were not as thorough, somehow, as the US test labs, and I would have never known about Sebastian's dangerously increased lead levels if I hadn't taken this extra step. Lyme's disease people have say similar stories.

Diagnosing and treating Lyme's is difficult and there is political controversy with "playing it safe" doctors avoiding Lyme disease patients and diagnosis for fear of getting themselves in trouble. This coupled with difficulties in diagnosis, since Lyme can mimic other conditions like multiple sclerosis and arthritis, allows thousands of people to go untreated, suffering from deteriorating and debilitating medical conditions that, if caught and treated early, are completely curable.

Here is CTV article about the protest.

Around noon I had visitors from my neighborhood. Two ladies living in Hamilton's famous North End payed me a visit. Shelley and Jannelle--both mothers of autistic children, both busy mothers of four! They found the time and the way to came from Hamilton and show their support for the third time!

Around 12:30 there was another protest. This time it was assisted living support workers. Paul Miller, MPP from Stony Creek, gave a speech. We collected a lot of signatures for the autism petition from sympathetic people. They understood the lack of government support for our most vulnerable because they work with them every day.

We went for tea and a sandwich to the cafeteria. Autism talk and all, we had such a good time that I forgot what time it was and I was 10 minutes late to pick up Sebastian from Children's College!

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