Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 35

Lots of camera crews on out site today. Attractive young announcers and camera man, male and female.

This morning on CBC radio I have heard part of the documentary about mother of very young girl with obsessive compulsive disorder. She expressed the sentiment very similar to one I have. It went something like this: "What do you cal the post traumatic stress disorder that is not post, because the trauma sill happens?" I think that there is a psychiatric name for it , I do not know what it is though. And that is what happens for years to parents of autistic children. I am still going through it.

I will never be the person I used to be before Sebastian diagnosis. And diagnosis itself is a blow. It is like a death sentence to your dream about having normal happy child. And what a parent of a child has to go through knowing that help for their sick child is available, but few administrative clerks, and some of the elected officials decided to make kids wait for it for years, and than briskly take it away. They could make a different choice and save lives thousands of young children. But they chose not to.

It is like being in the water and trying to cling to rescue boat for years. Kids do not actually die, just become retarded. Boat is not a boat, but hundreds of hours of therapy. There is no actual blood. Media is not interested.

I will come here tomorrow again anyways.

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