Friday, July 31, 2009

At Queens Park - day8

Today I was told that we have to stay on the yellow lines if we want to protest. If we are not on the lines we have to take down the sign. The sign is attached to the backpack and we have to take of the backpack off when we want to walk in the park or take the brake in the shade. There is no shade within the yellow lines, and it is hard to stay in the direct sun for a long time, but Basia took the initiative and used big umbrella Tanny lent us again in the morning. It works great, and pictures are here to prove it.

Sebastian is not the only "too autistic" to get therapy child in Ontario. I have gotten an email from father of the autistic boy who in age of three was assessed as too autistic to even get on waiting list for the therapy. I think those stories are like rats; for the one you see there is fifty you do not. But I hope all of them will be exposed soon and people responsible will answer.

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