Thursday, August 13, 2009

At Queens Park - day18 Tanny

Parry Sound is about a three hours drive from Hamilton. I do not like driving much but am forced to by circumstances. I am on the highway every day. Basia is going back home next week, so it was now or never situation and off we went. On our way to Parry Sound, Tanny called me to tell me that she will go to protest for me under the Queens Park so we would not miss a day of vigil. I am very emotional lately, and it almost brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Tanny. You are beautiful person.

We arrived more then two hours before the cruise.We had plenty of time for a nice walk under Perry Sound's famous railway bridge, and had something to eat. We boarded the Island Queen boat, which was clean and comfortable, not too crowded and safe for Sebastian. He took very well the three hour cruise. I had just one vigorous reminder that it is time to cut my hair short again. (Sebastian when frustrated and or in pain grabs my hair, and because he is very strong, I literally can not get him out of it .)

Basia was taken by the breathtaking views, and we "window shopped" for the best cottage we would like to stay in on our next trip there. I think half of the passengers were doing the same thing. We go back home tired but happy.

Sebastian did not go to bed easily in spite of very eventful day. He fell asleep, with difficulty, after 11pm and was up around three or even earlier. He did fell asleep around 5am though, and I had to peal him from the bed in the morning when it was time to go to school. I am tired today, and dream about catching up on sleep.

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