Wednesday, August 12, 2009

At Queens Park - day17

Tuesday was the 17th day of our protest at the Queens Park. I was sitting in the shade and trying to redesign my handouts, while Basia was walking with the sign and the big golf umbrella form Tanny. Basia has a sun allergy, so she has to wear a long sleeve shirt, and the giant umbrella helps too. She was drawing a lot of attention, and tourists were asking to have picture taken with her.

When we had a visit from representative of NDP. She was nice, and asked a lot of questions. After she left we had the biggest surprise: Shelley and Heather with Paula and Jacob came to see us. They arrived in a white van. We talked, laughed, went for lunch to the cafeteria. It was the greatest feeling for me. I almost cried. Both Paula and Shelley are mothers with more than one child on the autistic spectrum, and they also cope with other health problems. They are very busy moms. And they found the time and energy to come to support us.
Thank you Shelley and Paula, you are the most amazing super moms!

Today we take a brake and head to Parry Sound show Basia more of the beauty of Ontario landscapes.

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