Friday, August 7, 2009

At Queens Park - day13

Thursday was very busy for us. In the morning we dropped in for coffee and paczek to famous Granowska cake store on Roncesvalles. When we came Queens Park there was protest going on by native peoples against bill 191. We They had a drum, and they were singing, and it was very moving for me. They treated us with some fruit, and wanted to know our story.

Before we went to pick up Sebastian, I showed Basia very briefly High Park. It is one of my favourite places in Toronto, and we did not have enough time to sit and enjoy it even for few minutes, but at least we saw it.

After we picked up Sebastian we went to buy some organic chicken and eggs to Fenwood Farms.

On our way home we dropped in to say halo to my friend Grant, he showed Basia his paintings. We came home, around seven, and had just enough time to feed Sebastian and put some fresh chicken to a pot, but I did not have time to even post something on my blog. So I am writing it now, sitting in the shade of the hedge in front of the Queens Park when Basia is walking around with the sign on.


  1. next time we are there together, I need to bring some music and costumes!

  2. I definitely think it is the way to go. Sebastian's godfather promised to bring his accordion when he comes back from touring the Europe. There will be some polka music under our legislative building in September.