Monday, August 31, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 34

Today is Demarco's last day at Children's College. He is ready to go to first grade in his home public school now. In two years of intense behavioral therapy he caught up to his age group from being at one percentile in his development. He went form a four year old speaking one word sentences to a quite outspoken and energetic first grader to be whose biggest problem now is that he wants to be the first to do everything. Tanny, his mom was commuting every day from Kitchener to Toronto for two years and it payed off.

She decided to spend that last day supporting my protest. She is one of the most generous people, and I have never met anyone with bigger heart. I will miss her. I will miss our long talks that somehow always ended of finished with autism, but she is one of few people that I feel free to discuss my personal things, like family dynamics, or body functions and conditions.

Congratulations Demarco, and good luck Tanny. You are the greatest and the bravest mom!

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