Friday, August 28, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 33

I bought a new phone yesterday, and I thought it was locked. I called my cell phone company last night and they told me it was locked. Today I drove all the way to the mall to have it unlock again, but in the store the phone was working perfectly. On my way back from the mall the phone company guy called me to check if my phone was working all right. Yeah, it was. I wasted my precious time and gas to go back and forth for nothing.

I was at the Queen's Park a shorter time than normal, because I tried to sort out that cell phone thing. By the way, I do not like cell phones. Maybe one day I will get some device I will not be able to live without, but for now I find them expensive and confusing and bothersome. I have to have one though. There are less and less payphones around, and I need a cell phone for emergencies.

On my drive home I had couple of new ideas of how to advocate for Sebastian. There are some difficulties, but I have to keep going.

Tomorrow we are going to have speech therapy at 11. We will go to farmers market to get vegetables, and I think we will not go to Toronto. I have to regroup, and rest a little. It looks like our fight is not a sprint but a marathon. But hey, I am stubborn and Sebastian is half Kenyan. I think we are a strong team.

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