Sunday, August 23, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 27

I was working on Saturday. Sebastian had speech therapy in the morning with his new therapist, and it went very well. Than we went to the farmers' market to load up on fruits and vegetables - Sebastian was a bit cranky at the market. After that I rushed to prepare food for the night, and dropped him off to the babysitter, (one day I will tell you more about her, I am very lucky she is my neighbour). Then I went to Toronto and managed to squeeze in a little time in front of Queen's Park - it was very quiet when I was there. After that I made it on time to work,(we were serving at Indian/Irish wedding)and came back home at 12:40 AM. Sebastian got up at seven this morning. He is in a very good mood. I am doing this post in the hurry, I will make some pancakes, and we will head up to Toronto.

When I was talking to my coworkers yesterday they told me stay home, take care of my son, rest and do not bother, because they thought that the government does not care about individuals, will not listen to one single mother, is corrupt anyway. They thought that I will only exhaust myself and achieve nothing. I would like to hope that the future will prove them wrong. For now, the evidence shows they might be right.

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