Friday, August 21, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 26

Weather-wise, it was just a fantastic day today. I have become one of the Queen's Park tourist attractions because tourists ask if they can make pictures of me. I never thought it would come to this ;)

I try to get organized and I feel a bit overwhelmed by how much I have to do. Today I managed to do the "To Do" list. Maybe finally I will use my computer calendar regularly. I habitually use scraps of papers I am loosing all the time, and problems with short term memory create a lot of frustration daily. If I do not physically see something it stops existing in my mind.

My list is about 20 items long, and about 10 of them I marked as high priority. I feel Like I need a personal assistant, or maybe two! And a housekeeper. So if I did not answer your email please be patient, I will get to it. Your support means a lot to me.

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