Thursday, August 20, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 25

I arrived in front of Queen's Park for the first time without Basia. I came later than usual because I had to have the oil changed in my car -- it was two and a half thousand kilometers past due!

I was sitting on the stone near the yellow hash marks when a white van parked right in front of me. The door slid opened, and all of the sudden I had a lot of faces smiling at me. It was Shelley, with Eliza, and Heather, and Jannelle, my neighbor, and best source of advise in parenting and health issues for years. Jannelle is also a mother of three great boys. The oldest one is on the autistic spectrum.

We sat in the nearest shade under the statue of Sir James Pliny Whitney, the sixth Prime Minister of Ontario. We talked briefly with the NDP Education Critic Rosario Marchese . We made our pictures, and had a wonderful chat, and cold watermelon Jannelle brought.
Thank you girls!

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