Monday, August 17, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 22

Very hot day again. My friend Simon took Basia to the Royal Ontario Museum. I was trying to work on my laptop. It was not easy in the bright sun. I had a visit from Basia's cousin Krystina who works in near hospital. I could not make her picture because my camera's battery died, but then we had another surprise visit from a Toronto Star journalist and photographer. I had my picture taken, and maybe it will be printed some time very soon. I can only hope that it will help our cause.


  1. You are in the Star -

  2. HI...
    Glad to see you standing up! I have a son, now 13, he was cut off of all supports the day he turned 6 as well....the government cited the reason as being autistic kids don't learn after 6...lying government dirt bags.
    Good luck, if you ever need aa hand, you call me...jim bender, woodstock, ontario.888-375-7414...we'll be glad to do whatever we can. This liberal government lied to us parents when they first were eleccted. They said they would pay this bill for IBI and then they never instituted it. They just lie and lie. Peace!