Friday, August 14, 2009

At Queen's Park - day 20

Today was even hotter than yesterday. The yellow hash-marks where we can walk with our sign were reflecting heat like frying pan. Crowds of tourist were pouring out of busses. I noticed that a lot of women, when having taken picture in front of the building, pose putting one foot in front of the other, sometimes even push one shoulder forward. They are aware of their best angles for photos. So I did the same thing when Basia took my picture today. Is it an improvement?

We had a visit today from Toronto Star. All of the sudden I became nervous and had hard time putting a sensible sentence together. Telling our story from the beginning in a concise and clear way is not easy at all. A lot of things happened. Some of the reality of being a parent of an autistic child in Ontario--like year long waiting lists, for example--while shocking at the beginning, become part of every day reality, and I come think everybody knows about it. But the truth is most of the people do not know. And people need to know.

Today we also witnessed an upgrading of the car fleet used by our Ontario officials. I noticed a man taking off the registration plates from an older van, and putting it on a brand new white SUV-- or maybe it's something that just looks like SUV but is called something else like a "crossover". Only a basic model, the man from the dealership changing the plates told me. I always wonder why people drive in those big cars. It must be giving them sense of safety and power. OK, maybe I should give it a brake. It is not a hybrid, but at least it is not a hummer.

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