Monday, August 3, 2009

At Niagara Falls

I was thinking that Monday, last day of Caribana long weekend was not very good choice to go to Niagara Falls because of crowds and traffic. I was wrong.

Basia has not seen the falls yet. I thought I need to go to protest again. Then I had a rare strike of genius: lets go to Niagara with Sebastian wearing our "" sign and shirts. Two birds, one stone.

We had a great day. We stumbled upon free parking for disabled close to the falls, nice people from Alabama fixed our stroller wheel. Hundreds of people saw the sign, we has met and talk to about a dozen of them.

We were asked lots of questions, we got encouragement, hugs, and gifts...
Sebastian was on his best behaviour again. And Basia was happy to see the famous falls.

We want to come back to go on the ride on "Maiden of the Mist"

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