Saturday, July 11, 2009

Omega juicer

Last week I bought Omega 2006 juicer. I did not own a juicer before from several reasons.
Reason number one: space.
Reason number two: a lot of washing.
Reason number three: I am not THAT health conscious.
But since GAPS diet people say that fresh juice is good remedy for constipation, and that is our common problem I decided to jump it. Juicing has a lot of health benefits if one juices pesticide free vegetables. That causes me a bit of anxieties. Organic vegetables except of carrots and bananas are very expensive, and I am never sure what I am really eating.

There were two favourites Omega and Breville. I have chosen versatility over speed. Omega 2006 can do nut butters, pastas and other grinding. Omega is also is smaller. Easy to wash. Low speed pressed juices are healthier. And most importantly it is cuter. It has four feet and a snout - looks a little bit like an animal.

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  1. i got mine from walmart and it sucks, I feel I waste a lot of veges as it doesnt juice them properly. HOw uch did ths set you back and where did you get it?