Thursday, July 23, 2009

New fridge.

This morning we were waiting for delivery our new for us, little used, little dented/scratched fridge, longer than expected. It was also pouring outside. We decided to stay home, clean the new fridge, and catch up a bit on house work, and skip protesting today. As beginners, we are not equipped well yet for rainy weather.

Here are the pictures of the fridges. Since we ventured into a GAPS diet I have to cook EEEVERYTHING, I NEEED a good fridge. I have chosen the biggest one they had in the store. It felt much bigger in our little house.

In afternoon we went for a walk to grocery store and the park to show Basia around. She really likes it here. We talk a lot like when we were two teenagers, wondering about what we see around us, and trying to figure out how we fit in it all. Not much has changed in three decades.


  1. I totally agree. It is about 30 years old and works great. It will be sad to let it go.