Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fight for autistic kids

Parents launch provincial fight for autistic kids Richmond Hill "The Liberal" published this article last month.

Why do we have to fight?
I really do not want to, but parents of autistic children in Ontario have a choice: do nothing and watch their children every day slip silently into retardation and wait till somebody else will come and "do the right thing".

Who will do the right thing?
Our elected officials do not care about autistic children. They will overflow the system as adults with mental disabilities long after next election.
Supreme court do not care about rights of autistic children to achieve their full potential. Autistic kids do not die of not treated therefore treatment treatment of autistic children it is not medically necessary. They do not die, they just become intellectually disable adults. And who really cares about them? Seriously who?

Ontario Human Rights Commission answer to my application you can read here. How many other famillies received answer similar to mine?

Ombudsman appointed to watch what government is doing in answer to parents complaints decides to ... do nothing but promises to watch how situation will develop. Read his answer here

Our elected officials do not care about autistic children. But they will if the situation will reflect negatively on them.

So we (families of autistic children) need to do something. Anything. To help the situation develop.

The situation is very sad. But it is what it is.

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