Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day at home.

Sebastian did something he never has done before. Usually I have on the kitchen table cup with some water in for Sebastian so he can drink whenever he wants. But this morning the cup was empty. Beside it there was juice box with some water in it but with no top on it. Sebastian tried to drink from the box but it did not go well so he poured water from the box to the cup and drank it. I was close to tears. He is able to practical problem solve!

The weather today is perfect. We went to the farmers market, I did some laundry, I am cooking bone broth, made the herb patch, and planted the tomato bushes that were waiting for it for over a week, I jared the sauerkraut, but my house is a dirty mess, grass is high, and I am frantically thinking about all things I have to do, and people I have to call, and I am not quite clear what Sebastian meal will be.
Sebastian is suffering from grass allergies again. He was OK when it was raining, but now he suffers acutely. I had to give him some antihistamine. On the picture Sebastian enjoys the great weather on our yard.

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