Thursday, July 30, 2009

at Queens Park - day7

Today there were thee of us under Ontario Legislative Building. I do not have a picture of all three of us because battery in my camera died. I have the picture of Basia and Tanny who came with her own home made "" sign. How nice is that? She is a super woman.

Today was another day with great weather. I know how busy parents of autistic children are. I know how difficult children are to handle. I know how difficult it is to organize and coordinate. But it is quite possible to make a Queens Park a casual summer destination for gatherings of autistic community. There are trees grass paths and benches. Tourists come and go, sun shines. Ontario Museum and Ontario Gallery of Art is close by. It is worth the drive, or a street car ride. Make yourself a sign, register the event, promise to show up again. Chat with other families of have a great time on your own. There are thousands of us. We could flood that park with joyful chatter of our kids.

I am getting a lot of feed back and encouragement from other parents. Everybody has a story similar to mine. I feel their pain, and frustration. I hope that things will change. There is no other way but to gracefully go forward.

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