Wednesday, July 29, 2009

at Queens Park - day6

It was raining today. Tanny mother of Sebastian friend from Children's College gave us an umbrella. Her son who by the way was never autistic enough to even get on waiting list for therapy in spite of being developmentally in one percentile at the age of four. Sebastian is being discharged because he did not reach one percentile. It is hard to find the logic in those numbers.

The umbrella was very big and we needed every inch of it because it was raining heavily and there is no roofing for protesting folks. Rules are we have to stay on or behind the yellow lines. On the picture my biggest supporter and helper who did not hesitate to sacrifice her vacation to help her childhood friend behind the ocean.

I did not figure out yet the best way to park, and we experienced today public underground parking in one of the new condos. It was expensive, confusing, I had problems paying with my credit card, and we needed a lot of help from friendly people to get us out of there. Tomorrow we will try something else.

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