Tuesday, July 21, 2009

At Queens Park - day1

We went to the Queen's Park today to hand deliver letter to Premier McGuinty. Sebastian was in the stroller, I carried an overhead sign, my friend Basia followed us and was handing out the fliers and making pictures. We all were wearing our homemade tooautistic.com t-shirts. We were quite a party.

We have learned that it is not possible to deliver the letter to the building, since for safety reasons mail is processed in the portable outside it. We needed to go to the bathroom though and guards were were thinking that it was also some kind of protest ploy at first, and they said we could not go in there wearing protest materials like t-shirts with tooautistic.com logo on it .

I said I could take the shirt off then. They said they could not let us in without the shirts either. But then they called somebody and supervisor guard appeared and she resolved the situation escorting us to the side entrance washroom. We were grateful and relieved.

We received some papers to fill out with rules of how to protest, and after a friendly chat and some pictures we delivered the letter. We had some lunch in the shadows of the Queens Park trees and we went back all the way through the city to St Lawrence Market handing out the fliers.

It was a grand day. We will repeat tomorrow.

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