Saturday, July 25, 2009

Answer from Mininister Matthews

I have written a letter to Minister Deb Matthews. You can read it here. I received answer few days ago but was too busy to post it.
Here it is in all glory . It says that money spend on autism programs, but number of children receiving the therapy doubled. My question is where the money went? Shouldn't the number of children triple also? She is proud of the fact that wait time for diagnosis reduced. My question is why do kids have to wait for so called official diagnosis at all? Why is not a diagnosis from developmental pediatrician enough? And letter also mentions nothing about actual wait time for therapy funding doubled, that it is now 3-4 years. And she mentions nothing about the fact that kids are receiving half or less scientifically recommended amount of hours when they do receive the treatment.

That letter could also be condensed to two letter word. NO.

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  2. I've had a chance to go through Minister Matthews' letter and my comment would be that it is a pathetic "boiler plate", fill in the blanks job that took some flunky in the Minister's Office five minutes to complete. I received an identical letter about a year ago, right down to the phony personalized touch in the salutation.

    What we have here is all about spin. The letter talks about how the plight of Sebastian and other kids "fuels the Minister's determination" to help. My question would be what has she done beyond make the odd TV appearance to talk about how she "hears our pain". She has been Minister since the last election and is yet to make any significant announcement about anything relating to her Ministry. Mention is made about the tripling of funding. Where is the value for money? Are three times more kids receiving services? We know the answer. The letter talks about the shortened time for assessments. It is silent on the ever growing wait lists despite the speed up of terminations. The letter also mentions a review of the decision which upheld the original decision. Has anyone ever heard of a "review" ever doing anything else. As for the 185 ASD consultants who draw big salaries and sit in nice offices, I have yet to hear what they actually do. They cannot see the kids and can only be invited by the boards to "consult"

    The only thing, in my view, that the letter is accurate about is that :"more needs to be done". It would be nice to know what the Minister has in mind, if anything.