Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another day.

Sebastian lately is very quiet, or he stims a lot. When I look at him I have my heart broken every day over and over again. Every day I feel like I am helpless, and everything I do is wrong or not enough or both. Sebastian is a child with massive injury. His brain was like an open wound through 5 of 6 years of his life. It still is. I was not able to protect him. I was not able to help him. I do not think about the future. Denial is my good and supportive friend, but when reality hits me, it feels like another kick in the stomach.

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  1. I too never see the "ups" all other parents keep reporting. Which makes me wonder if I am making some big mistakes in all these things I am trying, because somehow we have not found what works for us yet. Hold on to hope Maryna.