Sunday, July 19, 2009

Airport pick up.

My childhood friend and neighbor came to visit us today. She will stay here for few weeks. I am so very happy. With her around I feel like a young girl again.

We went to pick her up from the airport. Sebastian is very good lately. He even walked on an escalator very carefully, and had a big smile on his face after he got off.

The change of diet made him less hyper. Keeping the diet regiment is very challenging to me. I have doubts if I am doing it right. I worry if he drinks enough water, if he eats enough or not too much carbs, if I should give him his probiotics or not. I do not want to overwhelm his body with die-off reaction, yet I want to heal him quickly.

I think that motherhood should come with magical psychic powers that would let us know in any circumstances what to do, and where to go for help. But magical knowledge does not come at the moment we become mothers. So mothers of the world sometimes have to go around it till they wear off three pairs of iron shoes like in old fairy tale before they find answers.

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