Saturday, June 27, 2009

What to eat? What to do?

Sebastian did not eliminate since Tuesday diarrhea, my place is an cosmic chaos, and in a need of very serious scrubbing, I am working today, and I do not know what exactly I should give Sebastian to eat.
He is at his die-off still, darker circles under his eyes and, white tong, low energy (way to low for my comfort), but his skin is clear, his breath fragrant (it smelled for years like dead mouse from constant congestions) his stiming less intense and less frequent but that may be due to his lack of energy.

Yesterday I caved in an given him a piece of watermelon. But he had just enough energy to walk from the car to the bed, but not enough to climb on it. So he was laying, his legs hanging on the floor.
I just wish I new what to do.
I signed up to Yahoo support group for GAPS but they post about 300 messages in two days, some very informative some irrelevant for my use, I do not have time, to sort them all. I am learning very quickly gaps diet lingo from them. It is though like looking into quite strange universe with people swapping recipes for smoothies containing exotic ingredients like raw yolks and all king of things I do not even know how they look like. Tis is crowd not afraid of raw milk, egg whites, or enemas. They intimidate me a little.

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