Saturday, June 6, 2009


The weather is fantastic lately. I enjoy pre-summer time with bright days, cool nights, no flies or mosquitoes. I eat well, and feel better.

We are going to Autism Walk tomorrow. I registered late and was lucky to get a T-shirt for myself from somebody who could not attend, but I did not have an attire for Sebastian. I had the iron-on "" sign, that I have made for myself couple of months ago. Sign was too big for Sebasian's t-shirt, but I have split it to three lines and it is fine.

It is always a bit unnerving to go to new crowded places with Sebastian for me. But tomorrow we will have support from Children's College staff. They are very beautiful people inside and out.

I will try to make some pictures. I am sill a bit nervous though. It is difficult to predict all that could happen. And I am worried just a little bit.

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