Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No milk - day 4

Today is our forth day without milk. Day with some victories and some defeats. Yesterday I gave in and gave Sebastian one rape banana in the late afternoon. He should not have any sugar foods in first stage of the diet, but he was so lethargic that I was wandering if I should take him too school or to the doctor next day. He perked up and than became as cranky as he used to be couple of years ago. I had flashbacks. I do not think I could go through it again. He waken up may be a bit quieter than normal but in reasonable mood this morning, so we decided to go to school for half a day.

The difficult part was at home when he was hungry but did not want to did not want to eat cooked baby carrots or soup or drink chicken broth. Frustrated he started crying around seven in the evening. I was crying too separating baby goat meet from bones, I just cooked for him . I do not like cooking and doing anything with meat . And it is very frustrating experience not to be able to give you child food he ask for and listening to his loud sad cry. So at one moment we were both crying.

I tried to think that no kid starved himself unless they had some physical disfunction,and Sebastian will start eating what he is offered even cooked baby carrots when he will become hungry enough. And I can do it for couple of weeks and will stop if I do not see significant improvement in his digestion, and continue if I will see it, and I can not stand looking at his stool and thinking that something is seriously wrong with it. Then I blended the soup and he first time this evening ate some of it to my great relief. He must of been very hungry by then.

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