Thursday, June 4, 2009

IBI Benchmarks Clarification

My friend forwarded to me following clarification

Dr. Nancy Freeman, C. Psych and Panel Chair for the new IBI benchmarks, has contacted Autism Canada in regards to the introduction to the IBI Benchmark article sent out on May 14, 2009. The introduction to the article written by Taline Sagharian states:
 "While there are inequities right across this country, there are many families in Ontario that are receiving no IBI support. This may be a result of waiting lists or, more recently, being discharged from the government funded IBI program as a result of new benchmarks."
We would like to clarify that families in Ontario are not being discharged from the government funded IBI programs as a result of the new benchmarks. In actual fact, the new benchmarks have not yet been instated. We apologize for the mistake.

This begs the question that, while we know children are being discharged from the government funded IBI programs, under what criteria are they being discharged under?   
The Benchmark Panel Report has been posted on the Autism Ontario website for months, and I encourage you to read it if you have not done so previously.  

Please click here to view the report. (link does not work)
Autism Canada encourages you to write back with any feedback you may have on the Benchmark Panel Report so that we may post it in future newsletters.

Oh boy! How do I comment? Dr. Nancy Freeman is right. Not benchmarks. Clinical Continuation Criteria, as clearly stated in this letter.

Discharge of severely autistic child from life altering therapy is a termination of the only scientifically proven treatment for low functioning autistic child.... or not?
Crime remains the crime even if the weapon it was committed with can not be identified. All we need is a victim. And we do need to look far for those.

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