Saturday, June 13, 2009

GAPS diet

When I put 2 year old then Sebastian on GFCF diet I was full of hope. I did not see much difference in him though. The only noticeable difference came when I started giving him probiotics - his stool texture and regularity improved greatly. It did not fix the problem though. Then I have heard about Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I was not able to adhere to it 100% but I stopped giving him soy milk . Did not see a difference. I have cringed since when I heard about any new diet, specially SCD.

Since last year he is on raw goat milk, and he had significant growth spurt ( over three inches in a year), and first time in his life he has some fat under his skin. He was just bones before that. But his stool is not normal. No more large amounts of mucus, but light yellow in colour, hard at the beginning and soft at the end. Also a lot of undigested food (yesterday I noticed pink watermelon he had for snack earlier, sometimes I can recognize banana in his stool too, and apples look completely indigested like if he just chew and spat them up ) I look at his stool everyday and think it is not normal!

Yet going on another diet and exclude again 85% things that he can eat from already very limited menu, and wait for the results or no results for months, and give him another supplement, or another injection, probably using force, makes me feel like screaming: I can not do it - call me inadequate, lazy, not caring - I can not do it anymore!

When parent of other autistic child told me about GAPS diet just a few day ago, I was skeptical. It is Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but it is also a program with stages designed to heal the gut and rebuilt the healthy flora. It is bit different because it allows fermented milk products like homemade yogurt from the beginning. It also recommends fermented foods. It promises instantly noticeable effects unlike the other programs. Here is the page with good description of it. Designed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride neurologist and nutritionist. She has written couple of books about it. Somehow it makes a lot more sense to me - long time dietary sceptic and reluctant follower. And most importantly it is feasible. Even to me - not avid housekeeper or cook.

I am going to try.
Wish me luck :-)


  1. good luck Maryna, seriously.

    I am doing the SCD these day, it hard for so many reasons (cultural, chewing issues, time, food prep) - but I am persevering because I see improved stools. But we are very new to everything.

    I will read about this GAPS diet.

  2. Good luck! Know that the GAPS diet is much more effective than GFCF, so again, good luck!