Saturday, June 27, 2009

Frying GAPS pancakes

It is two weeks for Sebastian without milk and starches and sticking as well as we can to GAPS diet. I feel a bit overwhelmed and I worry constantly (like I did this morning) that I do not know enough and not giving Sebastian enough carbohydrates or calories, or vitamins, and watch him like a hawk, but his appetite is quite good, and I had just made him pancakes from coked veggies from the soup, three eggs, and one shredded raw carrot plus a little salt cinnamon and xanthan gum, and fried it on coconut oil and a little bit of butter and he ate all of them.

Changing the diet changed much more than I ever expected it to change. Sebastian is calm. He was watching me sitting quietly on the rocking chair, and he listened to all my explanations looking me strait in the eye, and then watched patiently when I fried the pancakes. On the picture he looks at the pancakes and he seems to understand that they are hot and he has to wait for them too cool of.


  1. We love pancakes. I make banana with coconut butter and egg pancake. Its so yummy. I like your recipe though, I need to do more veges.

  2. I was doing banana pancakes too! I do not know hat I would do without pancakes. This is the fastest way to fill up the empty belly on SCD. Today i got the greatest idea to put some leftover blended meat to the mix. It worked!