Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fenwood Farm

It was first hot day of the summer today. I do not tolerate heat well.

We went to Fenwood Farm to get some organic chicken. It was quite a ride through beautiful country roads. Sebastian fell asleep in the car. He got over his diarrhea from day before, but he is weak and bit too quiet for my comfort. I know how he normally is, and although I appreciate less wired and more relaxed boy I worry that he will get too weak. He eats well though, even today. He does not want to drink chicken broth. I have to spoon it to him.

On the farm we were welcomed by three generations of women and a big bernese mountain dog that was much bigger than youngest of the ladies. I bought some frozen chicken, eggs and some turkey. All organic. We also ordered big box of organic chicken bones we will have to pick up on Thursday. That will make us a lot of soups and save bunch of money.

We came back home just to have a short visit from old and very dear friends. Sebastian did not wake up till 9 pm. He was exhausted and still suffering from radical changes to what he eats, so I did not have a heart to wake him. That is why we are up now. I had a little nap with him so it is not so bad. I have to make his lunch for tomorrow.

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