Wednesday, June 3, 2009


It has been difficult lately to write from two reasons.

One, normal state of affairs in our kingdom is that I hardly cope. And I made myself to busy promising I would do some work for people that requires concentration - and I do not concentrate easily. I do not motivate easily. I just stress.

Second reason is this: I become self-conscious. I started to worry about what I write. I feel like I am in serious fight for Sebastian's future. I am not kind of person to worry about what anybody thinks about me, but all my life my anonymity was giving me an absolute freedom to be, say or do whatever I wanted.. I enjoyed and cherished every day of it. But now I am one of, and therefore representing parents of autistic children, and my actions and especially words on this blog will have direct or indirect effect on my sons future. That makes me quite uneasy. And it is also good excuse not to write, since whatever I do write should be "appropriate".

I have to ease up a little.

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