Sunday, June 14, 2009

Die-off reaction

Sebastian drinks over one liter of milk a day. I decided to try GAPS diet I have learned about lately, and when Sebastian did not drink much milk during the day on Friday I saw it as a window of opportunity. I did not give him any milk at night. He drunk some water, but on Saturday he slept longer than normal, had naps during a day was lethargic and was a bit warm. Today is almost the same. That is exactly what I did not want to do - starve , or upset him, but from what I was reading about die-off reaction it is typical and severity of it tells me that Sebastian had a large amount of bad bacteria in his gut that are dying off now in large numbers. I do not have my book yet, and I think I might jump to it all too eagerly but I did not want to miss the opportunity that just presented itself.

He drinks water, I have made him take spoon of cod liver oil, some chicken broth, and couple of spoons of soup. I resent forcing him to eat when he does not want to. But it feels to me like a right thing to do. 
That diet promissed immediate results and so I have it. 
Here is my boy resting. He must feel awful. I hope it is all worth it.

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  1. Oh man. Khaled had a very similar day two days ago and he is now bouncing back from it. Warm, lethargic, lying down every now and then, spacey, pausing while walking, generally cranky (he is usually not cranky).

    Keep going, you are not giving him arsenic, its only chicken broth! He looks so cute there, I love his picture. I'll put a video of Khaled being lethargic soon.