Monday, June 8, 2009

"Clinical Continuation Criteria" only in Ontario?

I found this post on one on the parents networks:
When RAPON developed their "Clinical Continuation Criteria" they only found ONE other program that used a continuation criteria, which they referenced in their document as "Region 6 Autism Connection:  Early Intervensive Behavioral Treatment 4-Way Agreement.  Stockton, CA:  Author:  2004.  Accessed on-line March 31, 2006, at"

This document has been pulled from their website and the criteria has now been deemed "corrupt".  The IEP laws are extremely comprehensive and state that continuation guidelines are to be "person-centered", based on specific "individualized" needs, goals and objectives. The 4-Way's continuation quidelines have been deemed as "discriminatory and favor the special interests of agencies".

This is good news for all of us since the only other place in the world that is using a "continuation criteria" for IBI is considered invalid and can not be used.

Let's see if the Government of Ontario tries to apply these criteria. We can simply use the American legal cases to justify the invalidity of a continuation criteria....someone else already fought the battle.

Government of Ontario uses Clinical Continuation Criteria as stated in this letter to me. Who will challenge them legally ? Me? Where will I find the money for it? Will the Human Right Commission help us? You will soon find out.

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