Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brown poo

Little triumphs can be big.

I am compulsive and filled up with anxiety poo watcher. I watch what comes out of Sebastian other end everyday with trepidation.. Since sebastian was 8 months old and started solid foods he was constipated. I was printing calendar pages and had them hanging over the toilet with a little pencil on the string and I marked his bowel movements on them for years. I needed to know when to give him suppository. Frequency of his bowel movements and texture of his extractions improved greatly when I started him on probiotics at two. I also was adhering to Gluten Free Casein fee diet as well as I could.

When I found out about Specific Carbohydrate Diet and I have read somewhere that I should take him of soy, so I substituted soy milk with fruit juices; pear apple and peach. Sebastian started producing so much mucus it looked like jello colored same as the food he ate; green, yellow, orange. I made pictures and showed to my family doctor. She referred me to gastrologist at MacMaster Hospital. We waited over six months for an appointment. I had big hopes. He did not look at the pictures, he said I am taking him from much serious cases (wasting his time) When I suggested that his gastrointestinal problems might have something to do with his autism he looked at me like if I was crazy. It was a scene . I remember I cried . They ushered us to the door hastily.

My neighbor and a mother of three suggested taking juices off his diet. She have heard about baby diarrhea caused by too much sugar. I did that. Large amounts of mucus went away, little bit of it remained always at the end of his stool. Presence of mucus is an evidence of inflammation in the intestine. It bothered me.

His stool was always light in colour from whitish yellow to orange with very visible undigested food. Hard in the beginning unformed at the end. I could recognize peas, carrots, apples, bananas and watermelon. It was also very smelly. It had unnatural chemical factory smell. I was examining it every day, and every day I had uneasy feeling looking at it.

Last week I had surprise phone call from parent of 5 years old girl. I have not met her yet. She shared with me a lot of ideas, one of them was GAPS diet. When I have read about it all of the sudden it all made sense to me. I ordered the book, but before it even came I put Sebastian off milk and starches, and cooked him soups from chicken and baby goats and vegetables, and doubled on probiotics he was taking before. Results were immediate. Withdrawal die off reaction came with the vengeance right next day. But because it was predicted I did not panic. He did not eliminated for few days and yesterday I gave him suppository. His poo was BROWN. And smelled sweat like hey. That is probably from probiotics. Alleluia!

My brown poo dream come true. It is not easy not to give him his favourite pancakes, and chips, and milk, but we will keep at it. May be more of my dreams will become reality.

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