Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tree pollen

I feel a bit flustered today.
Sebastian had another allergy attack during a walk at school. He was OK all evening but fell asleep crying, his eyes red and puffy. I was trying to put some silver drops in his eyes to prevent infection. It was not easy. I had to use all my strength. I felt like I was hurting him. And I do that a lot. I tried to help his chronic running nose with nasal sprays, and cream - not fun. The last two days he refused the liquid medication he was taking so far without a problem. Cod liver oil and liquid vitamins will become impossible to take from now on. So I had to force some antihistamine on him too. Even taking food in is hard unless he is completely starving, because he gags often, even just looking at the spoon.

I stopped painful B12 shots a long time ago. I am not going to do anything that is not absolutely necessary.

I am tired of it. It is so hard to get supplements into him, and according to my experience, except for probiotics, they do not make much difference anyways.

Is there a country without tree and grass pollen and without autism we could go to?

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