Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Generalizing is not always that bad.

Winter is back. Snow is back. Yesterday Sebastian ran out into the yard barefoot again. I have a tendency to let him learn from his own experience, and after he did it last time, it worked for few months. This time he kept coming outside, and back, and again. I was worried that because of his higher than normal pain threshold, he will hurt himself and get the frost bite before he will learn not to go outside in a snow without shoes. It is hard even for me to guess how much he understands.

He would run back and forth, and leave open the door wide open behind him. "Close the door!" I shouted, but since he was running, he was already at the bathroom. Sebastian stopped, turned around and looked at me, turned around again and pushed the bathroom door to close it. I was surprised. He generalized. I have never made him to close the bathroom door, and usually it stays open.
OK, maybe not everybody can understand how big the little thing like that can be, but I was surprised and exited. There are a lot little things that Sebastian does lately that inspire me to fight for him harder.

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