Monday, April 20, 2009

Sleepless in Hamilton

On Friday Sebastian fell asleep around seven. He has waken up around midnight, and did not feel asleep till noon. I was napping on and off throughout the night. On Saturday I had to go to work, and after work I went to see my friends. Very seldom I can do this now - just go out for couple of hours and have a conversation with old friends and people I hardly know, and sometimes also complete strangers. But this time there was a grand occasion; my dear friend Annamaria was visiting from States. Thanks to kindness and connections of my other old and dear friend Ted we had the best time at the Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre. It was almost surreal experience for me; a blast from the past; superb live authentic hungarian folk music and dancing. I came home around 3 in the morning and in spite of 6 hr of good sleep, I could not get myself together to do the simplest task all Sunday.

I wish somebody came up with a pill that could bring power of concentration like some other pills can take a headache away. When I can not concentrate - I can not complete any task unless I am carried over by a routine or a habit. Unfortunately I am good in breaking and shifting the routines and not keeping them. So at times like this I fall flat on my face and just dream about the housekeeper.

OK I have to confess now; I just have lost it and forgot where that post should be going. See what happens? I need gifted secretary too.

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