Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Amanda Baggs is a woman in her twenties living with autism. She does not speak, but she types (very, very fast), and can use camera and computer to make her own videos. Couple of years ago she published video on YouTube titled "In My Language". It is a great insight into autistic person reality.

There is more of them that are great eye openers: If You Can Do X, Why Can't You Do Y? My All-Purpose Answer.

Being an Unperson and About Being Considered "Retarded" should belong in schools curriculum.

How to Boil Water the EASY Way is my favourite. I can identify with that one.

I think we "neurotipicals" should shut up and listen. Although as parent of low functioning autistic child I do not agree with philosophy of some autistic activists of not interfering with autistic children minds - since we humans are social creatures and development of our brains depends on what we learn after birth by our upbringing and environment. Severally neglected, stimulation deprived, neurotipical children have brains that are physically smaller than average, and it is impossible for them to acquire important social skills if they did not do that in early childhood. I think that autism also causes something similar to stimulatory deprivation from neurological reasons.
I do not really want to engage in that discussion. And I do not think anybody can talk me out of toilet-training my son. And he needs therapy to do that. He also needs therapy to learn how to wash his hands, brush his teeth, cross the street, dress himself, request his needs. Who knows, may be even going to store, counting his money and buying something he likes. One day...


  1. Thank you Joseph. I did not know I missed her recent blog and that entry is excellent. Thank you again.
    I also checked out your blog. It is great. I really need someone like you to chew through the papers and present me with the comprehensive digest I can read in few minutes.

    Dr Szatmari is the fellow who diagnosed Sebastian. He also at request of Ministry of Children and Youth Services created or co-created document known as "Benchmarks" the document similar to Continuation Criteria designed to discharge kids from ABA therapy as soon as possible. There are things people do that are difficult for me to understand. Why?

  2. It would be more productive to "open up and listen" than to "shut up and listen". Any listening would be a good first step...