Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sebastian is six

Today is Sebastian's birthday. He is six today.
He had a good day. He was petting the cat at the farm, and he seemed to enjoy touching his soft fur. He initiated it himself - stretching his hands toward the cat. I was surprised because last time I remember him paying that much attention for so long to an animal he was around one. He was looking at the goats like he was seeing them and was interested in them also. After a while he dashed out into the fields and I had to pull him out of a puddle. Happy times.

Yesterday our neighbor came with nice and thoughtful gifts for his birthday and we asked Sebastian to say "Thank You" and he made the sound. He was pretty close too! Also when we came back from the market I said "We are home" and Sebastian repeated "home". He also, when I ask him, repeats "Dej" - that was his first sound when he was one and it means "give me" in my Polish dialect, and is often one of first words of Polish babies.

As I am writing, I noticed that these are a lot of little things.
That was happening before though - Sebastian sometimes would do amazing thing like singing along "ba, ba, ba!" with the Baby Einstein DVD for a couple of days, and than he would never do it again.
But may be it will be different this time.


  1. Happy Birthday Sebastian :-)

    Here's hoping he retains these new skills. I feel the same way about Max. It is exciting to see him doing new things, but I am always thinking in the back of mind that I shouldn't get too excited because who knows if he'll still be able to say that word tomorrow...hugs.