Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun to be with

Sebastian now makes something new more often than ever before. He is becoming more and more fun to be with. He puts my slippers on (which are huge on him) and walks out to the yard in them. He makes new sounds. He covers himself with a blanket. He giggles a lot. He picks up the objects from the floor when asked. He closes the door when asked. He puts objects back where he picked them from if asked. He picks up and flips through the books. He understands "No". He goes to bathroom by himself. He is alert and affectionate. He tantrums much less, and when he does usually he has a good reason like itchy eyes or other discomfort. He used to cry a lot on our commute. He does it infrequently now and for much shorter periods.
I am less stressed out than last year.
I am much happier mama.

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