Saturday, April 4, 2009

Carly Fleischmann on Larry King

Carly is a person with very formidable power to make her dreams come true.

She was attending the same school Sebastian is, and I have seen her very often going out on the walk just at the same time I was picking Sebastian up. It is hard to say that we have met, but I new about her, and may be, just may be she new about me - Sebastian's mom. So when I have learned that she has a Twitter page I signed up to it just to follow her. May be some day I will even" twitt", but for now I will stick to just blogging. Carly also has a blog so I linked it to mine right away.

Today Carly was on Larry King Show and it took her just few days from getting petition going, and getting on the show.

Go Carly! World is yours to be conquered, and you are doing it!

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