Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alternative Treatments-part 1

How you can find yourself doing things you would consider not so long ago way too far out if not completely crazy. Chapter one

If not for western medicine I would of never been born. My mother and her brother survived birth only thanks to cesarian section. Without operation, and doctors knowledge about anatomy and antiseptics my mom would never survived her birth like three of her baby sisters before her. I probably inherited my grand mothers gene of tilted uterus, and Sebastian was born by emergency cesarian after 24 hours fruitless but agonizing contractions. It is no wander than that I had a lot of faith in western medicine.

Summer after Sebastian was born I started to have quite severe arthritic pains in my feet. They eased up through the winter but by next summer become unbearable especially in the morning and right after longer rest I felt like if I was walking on blades piercing through my feet. Also I was growing very painful bump on top of my left foot. I complained to my family doctor and got appointment with top rheumatologist in town. He was very professional, examined me, and told me that he has some new and very strong drugs, but since I was still breast-feeding I could not take them. I was not happy about it but all I could do was to go home and whine to my friends about all that. And so I have done. Finally then i started to listen to what my friends were saying all along. I remember that more than one of them suggested: "I have heard that diet helps for arthritis". Pretty farfetched idea for me at the time.

Desperate and directionless I googled those two words arthritis and diet. The fourth or five result on the first screen was a page on holistic site with this diet. I had no idea then about alkaline and acidic foods, but it sounded rather harmless therefore it could not hurt, therefore I had nothing to loose but pain. At the time I also had a very vague idea what holistic medicine actually meant. I tried it. I was not strict though. Diet asked for no milk or wheat, but I would eat Sebastian's leftover cereals since I have strongly engraved in me easteneurodpean habit of not wasting food because it is a sin. After four days of that unstrict dietary restrictions 70% to 80% of my pain was gone. One day in the morning I found myself standing in front of bathroom mirror and realizing that I walked all the way there and I did not notice my feet hurting. I was astonished with immediacy and scale of the result. And since it was just weeks after my rheumatologist visit I could not get over why the good doctor did not suggest to me such easy and harmless solution. Did he not know? Was he not exposed to the idea that some rheumatic pains can be relieved by change of diet during his 20 years of practice? I will never know. I myself would have difficulties believing it - but here I was a sceptic healed and puzzled.

My pain did not completely went away at once, and came back after I came back to regular diet, but after Sebastian was diagnosed with autism, and I have heard about diet as an aid in recovery I had no doubts, and I applied it as strictly as I could at the time. I also joined him with the gluten-free casein-free regime and after two years of moderate strictness my pains are gone. I also can not find the bump on my left foot that used to be so painful before.

So here you are: end part one but there is more to come.

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