Thursday, March 19, 2009


An ombudsman (English plural: conventionally ombudsmen) is a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between an organization and some external constituency while representing the broad scope of constituent interests.

Usually appointed by the organization, but sometimes elected by the constituency, the ombudsman may, for example, investigate constituent complaints relating to the organization and, where possible, resolve them, usually by making recommendations (which may or may not be binding), but sometimes through mediation. Less frequently, the ombudsman pro-actively identifies organizational roadblocks which run counter to constituent interests.

In some jurisdictions the Ombudsman charged with the handling of concerns about national government is more formally referred to as the 'Parliamentary Commissioner'

Long time autism advocate Taline Sagharian filed the complaint to ombudsman about autism crisis in Ontario.
Here is his answer (881K pdf format). Get ready.

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