Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lady Sasquatches

Yesterday, for no particular reason, I felt like somebody pulled out the pin I was held together by. I could not apply myself to even the simplest task, so when my friend called with an idea of going to the art gallery to see amazing lady sasquatches I ran with it. Sebastian definitely needed to get out too. The sasquatches were fantastic. There were six or seven of them, and there were big and furry, and sexy and scary, well lit and politically charged carrying a feminist message with wild ancient fury. We were not allowed to take pictures of them, but we could take the picture of the vase made out of wire coat hangers in the stiarwell, and that was also very impressive.

We also took pictures of the sculpture outside - note how Sebastian's expression looks a lot like the bronze face. When we where coming out of the gallery Sebastian ran into glass door at his full running speed. He bounced off it and fell on the floor like a stunt man in the movies. He only whimpered once. We all watched as the big bump grew on his forehead. The pictures were taken just a few minutes after the accident.

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