Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday activity report.

On Friday sebastian was working with a therapist for the first time after she had just come back from maternity leave.
The therapists working in Sebastian's school are our most favorite people in the world, but Helen is the "favouritest" one. I was very happy to see her back. This is the report we got on Friday.


  1. I'm glad to hear Helen is back, although I haven't seen her yet. We're so lucky to have such amazing people working with our boys!

  2. Maryna, I remember when i first came to the school and was so worried about Dimarco...I was stressed, confused, and completely new to the the entire AUTISM 'thing'...I will never forget what you told me..."Dimarco is where he needs to be, he couldn't be in better hands", you were 100% right!

  3. Thanks Tanny,
    We experienced first hand how therapy in well run place can change our children's lives and future. It is very frustrating that our government gives a lot of effort and spends big money on "experts" and courts to find the way not to give it to kids the chance in life. If they would put the same effort to open a hundred places like Children's College instead we would probably have no waiting list by now, and entire growing generation of wonderful unique brains that could contribute to our society, instead of being institutionalized as adults..

  4. Maryna, when I got back to work the girls at work had told me about your blog and I had to look it up. Reading what you just wrote made me cry. I am upset for all the pain and suffering that you have endured. I appreciate the kind words and I am so priviledged to have Sebastian and all the other children at the centre teach me. I wish I could take away all your pain and do more for you and Sebastian. Seeing that happy face makes the staff's day and that contagious giggle of his just melts our hearts. Coming back to work after a year and seeing the progress in all the children is truely and amazing experience! It's the little things we take for granted. I came back and Sebastian is now requesting preferred items with his PECS!! He is undressing and dressing himself! He even is letting us brush his teeth! The eye contact and readiness at the table has changed drastically as well. He is even using his To do/ Done board which he wasn't doing before I left. You can see how much he want's to learn and please you. You see it everytime you look at those beatiful big brown eyes. Maryna may God bless you and Sebastian on your journey. We are all behind you.

  5. Thank you for the kindness :)
    When something moves me I run out of words. Sebastian is very lucky to find such caring dedicated and gifted people on his path. In this picture you are the heros. I had "that autism thing" thrown upon me and I probably would never become compassionate as I am now I it did not happen.
    Sebastian is feeling much better now - he tantrums much less, he learns how to communicate, and he is much happier than just few months ago. And all of this because of your skill and professionalism and care and effort you give so generously.
    Thank you.