Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day activity report

Yesterday Sebastian fell asleep at 6 pm. I decided to join him because I thought he might sleep through the night, although I was fully aware that it was more likely he would wake up in the middle of the night and roam till the wee hours of dawn. And that is what happened. He woke up before midnight and fell asleep at 6 am . I was up with him all the time and caught up on my work, made his lunch and did a load of laundry. Around 6:30 I put him in the car, and he slept soundly all the way to school. I let him sleep for another half an hour after we arrived. I then woke him up, and carried a cranky boy to school swearing to myself that I will never let it happen again. It happened before, and Sebastian proved to have astonishing ability to sleep 4-5 hours one night, have a long day at school and have trouble to fall asleep next night. He often puts me to sleep - I seem to need sleep more than a 5 years old.

Today was a postponed date of a rally for Delanie. I checked the internet with Tanny and although we did not get any messages confirming it recently, I decided to go. I parked my car in our regular spot, and decided to have a nap before I go. I was not very comfortable in my seat, and I did not think there was a need set an alarm clock. I waken up around 1pm. It as too late to drive downtown.

I felt like a looser. I delivered tired Sebastian to school in the morning, did not do any work or meet and support people I should. Full of guilt i went to pick Sebastian up thinking I will hear about how he hurt himself or somebody since he was tired and cranky. I opened his activity report anxiously. Here is what I found. It iis not very clear picture, but reading it made my day.

Click on the image to enlarge.

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